Crockerne Primary school students learn how to play football

What have we done this week?

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This week, we had a visit from Mrs Alcock and Eddie.  She told us all about how to look after Eddie- feeding and grooming.  We even found out that he has his own seatbelt for the car!   In other news, we have been practising physical development with writing and cutting.  We have also been exploring sensory play and imaginative …

Pet Project

Pet project kicks off in Reception/ Year 1

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Reception and Year 1 have started their project on care and responsibility of animals in an exciting way.  They have done all sorts of activities as well as the usual settling in routines of coming back after the Christmas Holidays. We don’t have any photos yet but we are hoping they will arrive soon! Here’s some quotes from the children …

Crockerne Primary School Squirrels’ secrets uncovered

Why dinosaurs are taking over Owls this term

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Hi Owls fans. Welcome to our very first blog post. This post is all about the exciting learning happening in Owls class this term and it is all about dinosaurs! They have loads of cool books about them as well. Be sure to follow our class blog so you don’t miss out on the latest news and learning happening right …