Andy Seed visits Crockerne School

Why Andy Seed’s visit was excellent

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Hi Year 3/4 fans.  It may be snowing, the school may have closed but our blogging continues!  This week we had a visit from the author Andy Seed.  He shared with us some interesting things about being an author as well as sharing with us some of the stuff in his books. Here’s some reasons why we thought his visit …

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Our trips out and about

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This week, Year 3 and 4 went to various places around North Somerset in preparation for making our film guides.  Chestnut went to Clevedon, Hawthorn went to Portishead and Oak went to Ashton Court. We saw many things on the trips which inspired our REAL project but we can’t tell you too much otherwise it will spoil your viewing of …

Crockerne Primary school students create and present Powerpoint presentations

We are Pill Experts!

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This week, Year 3/4 completed the first phase of their REAL project by showing off their learning to Year 2 children.  Following on from last week’s walk around the village, we had a local Historian come in and speak to us and tell us tales of people in the past and the significance of places around the village.  From this …

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Pill, Pill I love thee still!

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Well, what a week we’ve had in Year 3 and 4.  We kicked off our REAL project ‘What can you do when you’ve got nothing to do?’ with a guided tour around Pill to look at 8 points of interest.  All week, we have been learning important Geographical skills and finding out all about our local community so that we …

Crockerne primary school's amazing maths investigations

Our Amazing Maths Investigations!

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  This week, Year 3 and 4 have been investigating arrays in Maths and the Commutative Law of Multiplication.  Here is our intrepid reporter, Cleo’s take on everything:   We began investigating arrays when we were given this problem.   ‘In Array city the streets are numbered and every building in the street must have that number of windows to …

Crockerne Primary School trip to the roman baths

What surprised us about the Roman Baths

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Hello there website fans!  Year 3/4 recently went to the Roman Baths in Bath as part of our project on Romans. We are gathering all sorts of information to help us create our book on Roman Lifestyles which will be published in January! Here’s some surprising things we found out at the Roman Baths: The Romans went to baths a …

Crockerne Primary School incredible things happening in Chesnut this term

Five interesting things about Chestnut’s class play

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Hi everybody, and welcome to Chestnut class! Do you want to know what our children are doing? If you do, keep reading! This term, we’re answering the question ‘can you entertain me?’ Throughout the term, we will: be doing plays and directing them write scripts act in our class play, ‘The Wizard of Oz’ practice doing stage makeup see performances …