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Welcome to Crockerne Church of England Primary School. Based in the village of Pill, near Bristol, we strive to provide the best education we can for all of our children while maintaining our church school distinctiveness.

We believe that Crockerne children can achieve anything, and encourage our children through our Gem project to develop learning dispositions and be positive learners. Our curriculum is designed to be as engaging as possible, based around core skills, encouraging children to think beyond themselves and to consider the wider community.

Our School


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Crockerne Church of England Primary School is set in the heart of the Pill community. Although the present building was built in the late 1960’s, there has been a school in Pill for hundreds of years.

Following a remodel in 2004, our music, art, library and computer rooms are at the heart of the school. We also have larger classrooms each with an interactive whiteboard to enhance the learning experience of our children.

We are very proud of our Church School distinctiveness. We have a family ethos to our school, supported by our Christian values. Although results are very important to us, we feel that it is also important for our children to develop and grow in any way they can, which is why we run multiple afterschool and lunchtime clubs.

Above all we want our children to be happy, to feel secure, to achieve and to enjoy coming to school. At Crockerne, we help every child reach their full potential.

Values & Ethos

SIAMS Report

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At Crockerne, we aim to:

  • Value being part of a church community whilst always demonstrating tolerance, understanding and acceptance of others
  • Provide excellent teaching that stimulates children and broadens their horizons
  • Value all experiences and achievements, both academic and otherwise
  • Recognise all children as individuals who bring their own gifts and interests to their learning
  • Provide an environment where our children can have rich experiences and develop positive attitudes to life and learning
  • Provide an environment where our children feel safe and happy.

We recently relaunched our Values and Vision.  Here are some documents you may be interested in.

Crockerne Values Map

Vision and Values Cover letter

Home School Agreement

Behaviour Principles Written Statement October 2018

Crockerne Behaviour whole school behaviour policy Oct 18 (1)

Ethos Statement

Related policies:

PSHE policy

Overview of Values 2017 2019

British Values table of current practice

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Friends of Crockerne

Staff members

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Crockerne Church of England Primary School Governing Body Structure 2018-19

Full Governing Body Finance and Premises Committee Curriculum Standards and Safeguarding 
Chair of Governors – Mr Jonathan Clay
Vice Chair – Mr Chris Ware
Chair – Mr Chris Ware Chair – Caroline Ovel


Mrs Cherry Lewis
Mr Lee Furniss
Mrs Tracey Arnell
Mrs Sharon Alsop
Mrs Geeta Verrell
Mrs Lara Furmidge

Ms Caroline Ovel(Curriculum)

Mrs Eleanor Culverhouse (Curriculum)

Mrs Sarah Spencer (Curriculum)

Mrs Maggie Young

Ms Mandy Cottle (Clerk)


Mr Lee Furniss
Mrs Geeta Verrell
Mrs Lara Furmidge
Mrs Sharon Alsop

Zac Coley

Ryan Gillson


Mrs Cherry Lewis
Mrs Geeta Verrell
Mrs Lara Furmidge

All governors at Crockerne Church of England Primary School have made declarations and provided information if applicable regarding business and pecuniary interests.

If you would like to contact one of our Governors, please visit the school office.

Below are some useful documents relating to our Governors.

Register for Governor Meetings 2017-18

Register for Governor Meetings 2018_2019 (1)


Pecuniary Interests

Crockerne-Gov.-Pecuniary-Interest 18_19

Results & Ofsted

Ofsted Report

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Crockerne Church of England Primary School was rated ‘good’ following an Ofsted inspection on 11/12 July 2013.

The report said: “Pupils have good attitudes to learning. Their behaviour is good. They are enthusiastic about their learning and engage well with the good curriculum offered.

“Parents and carers are very positive about the school and the efforts made to offer additional support for their children’s learning.

“Pupils are happy at school and feel safe.”

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Our Church School Ethos

SIAS Report

View our outstanding Statutory Inspection of Anglican Schools (SIAS) report…. Click here...

At Crockerne, we are proud of our church school distinctiveness. Following a Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS) on 12 November 2014, we were rated outstanding in our distinctiveness and effectiveness as a Church of England school.

The main findings of the report were:

  • The role of collective worship in promoting the school’s distinctive Christian values has a strong impact on children’s achievement and personal development
  • The strong leadership by the co-headteachers, together with very good teamwork of the governors and staff, provides direction for the school’s distinctive Christian character
  • The high quality of the provision for spiritual development enables children to value faith.

We are incredibly pleased to have been rated outstanding, and intend to keep up the good work to maintain this.

Funding We Receive

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Pupil premium is additional funding for publicly funded schools in England.

The idea behind the funding is to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils, regardless of ability, to close the gaps between them and their peers.

At Crockerne, we believe every child should have access to the same opportunities to allow them to realise their full potential. Therefore, we have allocated our pupil premium spending in ways that we believe would best benefit our students.

Our key priorities are to:

  • Continue to accelerate the progress of pupil premium children
  • Ensure at least good achievement of pupil premium children, and to increase the number of children who make better than expected progress
  • Provide targeted support, enabling pupil premium children to develop their social and emotional skills
  • Ensure teaching and learning across the school is consistently good or better
  • Ensure an increase in parental and community engagement.

For more information on our pupil premium funding, and how this is allocated, please download our pupil premium spending document. Pupil Premium Spending 2017-2018

PE Premium

Every year, Crockerne receives the sum of £8,000, plus an additional £5 per pupil in Y1-6, to make additional and sustainable improvements to the quality of PE and sport we offer.

Our key priorities when allocating PE premium spending are to:

  • Raise the profile of PE and school sport at Crockerne and in the community
  • Maintain the quality of extra-curricular sport
  • Increase participation in competition
  • Increase opportunities for vulnerable pupils.

PE premium funding has already allowed us to create and sustain extra-curricular clubs, attend inter-school events, upskill staff and more.

To find out how we are allocating this year’s PE premium, please download our PE Premium Spending 2016-17.

PE Premium Spending Report 17-18


Parent Pay

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At Crockerne, we aim to:

  • Establish a safe environment in which children can learn and develop
  • Ensure we practice safer recruitment in checking the suitability of staff and volunteers to work with children and create a culture of vigilance
  • Raise awareness of and respond appropriately to safeguarding and Child Protection issues
  • Equip children with the skills needed to keep them safe
  • Have clear procedures for identifying additional needs and reporting cases, or suspected cases, of abuse and allegations against teachers and other members of staff
  • Support pupils who have been abused in accordance with a Child Protection Plan

Our responsibility to safeguard children requires that we all appropriately share any concerns that we may have about children. this may include contacting the Local Authority Lead Officer or Child Protection or the Intake Team, Social Care, who will provide consultation and advice for anyone working with children.

We always undertake to share our intention to refer a child to Social Care, unless to do so would put the child at greater risk of harm, or impede a criminal investigation. If in doubt, we will consult with Social Care at this point.

Please follow the link for advice for young carers, Safeguarding and advice on simple conversations to have with children to help keep children safe from abuse and exposure to extremism.

Safeguarding Advice for Parents

Talk Pants Guide For Parents – NSPCC

Prevent Policy

Young Carers

Our designated person for Safeguarding/Child Protection is Sharon Alsop (Assistant Headteacher and Reception teacher).

Our designated governor for Safeguarding/Child Protection Eleanor Culverhouse

The Designated Officer for Allegation (DOfA) is:

Julie Bishop
01275 777211

All accessible through Tina Robbins (01275 884161)

Policies and Downloads


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Crockerne Church of England Primary School has a range of policies and procedures in place which are designed to promote a positive and comfortable learning and working environment. They are also there to ensure our pupils, staff and visitors remain safe at all times.

You can download a policies by clicking on the links below.

Diary Dates

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Ofsted Reports

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