Welcome to Crockerne

Excellence for all in a caring community…

This is a happy school full of children who love to learn. We believe that ‘Crockerne children can achieve anything…’

We encourage our children through our Gem project, to develop learning dispositions (courage, perseverance, being responsible, cooperation, collaboration and supporting others) to be positive learners.

Our children know that some of their most powerful learning comes from our ‘marvellous mistakes’. We have an engaging curriculum based around core skills of maths and English; our themes have guiding questions e.g. Why do I need so many clothes? This is a geography based learning theme and the children will gather their knowledge, through using self challenge, and explain their answer to their community including their peers, parents and visiting community groups.

Geeta Verrell and Lara Furmidge

School Is Closed 01.02.2019

Snow over night has rendered the site unsafe. Open on Monday subject to a thaw.


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